The quality and variety at Baldiri Vilà, supplier of vegetables to Mercabarna


In this era where healthy eating has become a priority, the importance of consuming fresh and quality vegetables is essential. In Mercabarna, one of the main wholesale food markets in Barcelona, the distribution of vegetables in Mercabarna by Baldiri Vilà, a prominent supplier of vegetables in Mercabarna, stands out. In this article we will explore the wide range of vegetables offered by Baldiri Vilà, their commitment to quality and customer service, as well as the benefits of incorporating these vegetables into our daily diet.

Peppers in the Baldiri Vilà plant

Baldiri Vilà: a track record of excellence in Mercabarna

With more than two decades of experience in the wholesale food market, Baldiri Vilà has positioned itself as a reference company as a supplier of fresh vegetables to Mercabarna, the main wholesale market in Barcelona. The track record of excellence and commitment to quality have been recognized by customers and vegetable suppliers alike.

Since its inception, Baldiri Vilà has maintained a close relationship with local farmers, working in collaboration with them to guarantee the freshness and quality of their products. Besides, Baldiri Vilà also has land in Gavà, where they grow their own vegetables. This direct connection with growers allows them to carefully select the vegetables they offer their customers, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.

The company prides itself on offering a wide variety of fresh vegetables that cover all seasons of the year. From crisp lettuce and spinach to flavorful tomatoes and peppers, Baldiri Vilà aims to meet the demands of retailers and restaurants, providing them with fresh, quality options every time.

In addition to the commitment to the quality of its products, Baldiri Vilà stands out for its focus on sustainability and responsible agriculture. Working in close collaboration with local farmers, they promote sustainable agricultural practices that minimize environmental impact and ensure long-term preservation of natural resources.

Baldiri Vilà has established an efficient and reliable logistics network to ensure that Mercabarna's vegetables reach their final destinations in optimal conditions. They use advanced technology and appropriate transportation methods to preserve the freshness and quality of products during the distribution process. In addition, their highly skilled team ensures that orders are prepared and delivered efficiently, providing exceptional customer service.

With a solid reputation in the market, Baldiri Vilà continues to innovate and adapt to the changing needs and preferences of its customers. Their commitment to excellence, quality and customer service makes them a preferred choice for those looking for fresh and reliable Mercabarna vegetables.

Person working in crops

Wide variety of fresh vegetables

Baldiri Vilà distinguishes itself as a supplier of vegetables in Mercabarna in offer its customers a wide and diverse range of fresh vegetables of the highest quality. Their commitment to freshness and variety is reflected in the careful selection of products, which ranges from the most traditional to the most exotic and specialized vegetables.

Within the category of green leaves, Baldiri Vilà, supplier of vegetables, offers an unparalleled selection that includes lettuces of different varieties, such as crisp romaine lettuce, tender oak leaf lettuce and refreshing iceberg lettuce. Also present are fresh spinach, known for its high nutrient content, and arugula, which adds a spicy touch to salads and dishes.

Regarding roots and tubers, Baldiri Vilà, supplier of vegetables in Mercabarna, provides sweet and juicy carrots, vibrantly colored beets and potatoes in a variety of varieties, from classic white potatoes to red potatoes and sweet potatoes. These versatile vegetables can be used in a wide variety of culinary preparations, from soups and stews to roasts and purees.

Cruciferous vegetables, known for their health benefits, also feature in the catalog of Baldiri Vilà, vegetable supplier, in Mercabarna. Here are the broccoli, with its characteristic green color and crunchy texture, and cauliflower, which stands out for its mild flavor and its ability to adapt to different recipes. These vegetables are rich in essential nutrients and are considered excellent choices for a balanced diet.

Baldiri Vilà, supplier of vegetables to Mercabarna, it also meets the demand for nightshades, such as tomatoes and peppers. Tomatoes, available in varieties such as juicy salad tomato, cherry tomato and Raf tomato, are ideal for salads, dips and Mediterranean dishes. Peppers, on the other hand, come in a wide range of colors and flavors, from sweet red peppers to spicy jalapeño peppers.

In addition to these main categories, Baldiri Vilà, supplier of vegetables, in Mercabarna, offers other fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, onions, garlic and more. Their goal is to satisfy the needs and preferences of their customers, offering them a variety of fresh and tasty options to enrich recipes and dishes.

Bag of vegetables

Commitment to quality and freshness

One of the fundamental pillars of Baldiri Vilà is his indestructible commitment as a supplier of vegetables to Mercabarna with the quality and freshness of the vegetables it distributes. From the moment the vegetables are harvested until they reach the points of sale, Baldiri Vilà ensures that every step of the process meets the highest quality standards.

To guarantee the freshness of its products, Baldiri Vilà establishes strong and direct relationships with local farmers. Working closely with them, the company carefully selects vegetable suppliers that meet rigorous growing and harvesting criteria. This allows the vegetables to be harvested at the optimal moment of maturity and delivered to customers with maximum freshness.

In addition, Baldiri Vilà implements strict quality controls at each stage of the process. Before being accepted for distribution, the vegetables undergo rigorous visual inspections and freshness tests. These controls ensure that only the highest quality and freshest vegetables reach customers.

The company is also governed by strict health and food safety regulations. Baldiri Vilà makes sure that all the vegetables meet the safety and traceability requirements, giving customers the confidence that they are buying safe and quality products. Likewise, they keep abreast of the latest regulations and best practices in the sector as a supplier of vegetables to ensure excellence in their processes and products.

The freshness of the vegetables is preserved throughout the logistics process of distribution. Baldiri Vilà uses advanced technology and appropriate transport methods, such as cold rooms and temperature-controlled conditions, to maintain the cold chain and ensure that the vegetables reach the points of sale in optimal conditions.

Likewise, Baldiri Vilà understands the importance of sustainability in food production. For this reason, it promotes responsible agricultural practices that reduce environmental impact and preserve natural resources. He works closely with local farmers as a vegetable supplier to Mercabarna to promote sustainable agriculture, including efficient water use, soil conservation and waste minimisation.

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Customer service and efficient logistics

Baldiri Vilà not only distinguishes itself as a supplier of vegetables to Mercabarna, but also for its dedication to providing exceptional customer service and efficient logistics in the distribution of its products.

The company prides itself on having a highly capable team committed to customer satisfaction. From the moment customers place their orders, Baldiri Vilà makes sure to give them personalized attention, listening to their needs and adapting to their preferences. Whether it is a retailer or a restaurant, the company understands the importance of punctuality and reliability in the delivery of vegetables to Mercabarna.

To guarantee efficient logistics, Baldiri Vilà has invested in technology and advanced processes. It has an inventory and order management system that allows accurate monitoring of product availability and streamlines the order preparation and delivery process. This ensures that customers receive the requested vegetables from Mercabarna at the right time and in the required quantities.

In addition, Baldiri Vila uses appropriate transport methods to preserve the quality and freshness of the vegetables in Mercabarna during distribution. It has refrigerated vehicles and cold rooms that maintain an optimal temperature throughout the journey, ensuring that the vegetables in Mercabarna arrive in optimal conditions at the points of sale.

The company also stands out for the ability to adapt to changing customer needs. Understand that each customer is unique and may have specific requirements in terms of product variety, quantities and delivery frequency. Therefore, Baldiri Vilà works closely with customers as a vegetable supplier to provide customized solutions that fit their individual needs.

In addition to customer service, Baldiri Vilà offers advice and support to its customers in relation to the selection and use of vegetables in Mercabarna. Your team of produce experts is trained to provide detailed information on each vegetable, including storage tips, recipes and culinary suggestions. This personalized attention and specialized knowledge helps customers get the most out of the fresh vegetables they buy at Mercabarna.

Melons in boxes


Baldiri Vilà has established itself as a reliable supplier of vegetables to Mercabarna in the wholesale market. Their wide variety of fresh produce, their commitment to quality and freshness, as well as their focus on customer service, make them an outstanding choice for those looking for high quality Mercabarna vegetables.